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Frequently Asked Questions

 Have a read through our FAQ’s.

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Can I bring my dog?

We currently are a pet friendly Holiday Park. Which means you can bring you dog on holiday with you. We have a dog free area which is at the far end of camp.

All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.
  • Dogs must be exercised and toileted outside of the park with a doggy doo bag.
  • There should be no dogs around the communal facilities.
  • Dogs should be on their site or walked from their site to outside of the park, not around the park.
  • If your dog barks excessively, displays aggressive behaviour or annoys anyone then we may ask you to remove the dog from the park immediately.

Please note we are pet friendly in camping sites only. There is to be no dogs in or around our fixed accommodation.

Can my friends and family visit?

Your family and friends are welcome to visit. We ask that they sign in with at reception when the arrive. Park their vehicle outside. They must have left the Holiday Park by 9pm and they must pay the visitors fee.


How big are your sites?

Our sites do vary in size, the smallest being 7m by 7m and the largest being 12m by 10m. It is always handy to put in the size of your tent/ campervan/ caravan when making a booking.

Is there any caravan/annex for sale?

Your best shot is too look on trademe or give us a call. They are sold privately from one owner to the next.

Can I bring an outdoor heater?

You can bring an LPG outdoor heater (one per site), please make sure it is situated well away from anything flammable. Please let management know prior to arrival. 

Can I bring my charcoal BBQ?

If you would like to use a charcoal BBQ or a wood fired chimenea then please discuss this with park management before arrival as only sites 81-84 are available for these items and a solid fuel permit will be needed before they can be used.


Where can I smoke?

Our Holiday Park is smoke free, we ask that you exit the property to smoke. There is a picnic table outside the main entrance under the trees where you can sit and relax. We appreciate your co-operation.

Can I light fires on the beach?

Yes, but please do so safely, our advice is to do it below the high tide mark, so the ocean can cool any lingering hot spots. Never light a fire in windy conditions. Always put out any fires lit.

Can I live at the Holiday Park?

We don't allow to people to live here long term, how ever we do have some stay long term being a maximum of 3 months.

Can I park our two vehicles on the site?

We have a one vehicle per site policy- this is especially important over the summer period. Please always ask in advance if you are arriving with trailers, more than one vehicle, boats etc.

Can I have a beach front site?

Sadly our Holiday Park is not on the beach, we are situated 300metres from the beach and the wonderful sand dunes block our view of the ocean.

Can I bring my Quad bike / ATV?

Yes. The beach is considered a road so your ATV/Quad will require a registration. Please note that to drive any vehicle in the Holiday Park, it must be registered and a valid licence must be held by the driver.


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